Sunday, December 30, 2007

Chris Ganz

I had the priviledge of seeing Christopher
Ganz's work at the Ft. Wayne Museum of
Art a couple years ago. He has a phenominal
grasp of bring charcoal drawings to life. His
self-portraits with references to Art History
were extremely facinating and intriguing.
Having just studied a couple of the works
he was referencing, I found it more exciting
than the students I was with.
Check more out at:

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ric Stultz

Ric Stultz has an amazing talent to make inanimate objects
have personalities that connect with us on an emotional level.
Phenominal style.

Friday, December 14, 2007

El Mac

El Mac is a graffitti artist that creates images
on concrete and brick that most artists would
love to be able to create on canvas! He has an
amazing eye for light and shadow. Some of
El Mac's most impressive work is done in colaboration
with other street artists that add patterns and
textures to his soft ephemeral paintings.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Graffitti goes fine art with Banksy's
thought provoking cultural reform
street art. He has also produced
some amazingly thought-provoking
if not just simply fun work and
secretly placed them in museums such
as the Louvre and the Met.

Shepard Fairey OBEY

Shepard Fairey
As cliche as it might be to put this on here,
I can't resist the oportunity to turn
anyone and everyone to this amazing
artist. He has made the world of fine
art print commerce amazingly affordable
and exciting. His portraits have also
been very influential on my illustrations.
I really am a fan of the crests as well.
Check out weekly prints for sale on

Ronald Kurniawan

Ronald Kurniawan is like Sesame Street on
drugs. A ton of "A is for Apple" ish work.

He had a great bunny painting for this blog,
so I couldn't resist.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Red Nose Studio

Chris Sickels of Red Nose Studio creates three
dimentional characters and setsup these scenes
to be photographed. His shallow dephth of field
on his focus creates a sense of reality. He
recently did the Pepsi Halloween campaign.
He aslo took the place of Julian Opie in the
Mass Ave. Sign in Downtown Indianapolis.
It is a scene of kids on a see saw. (top)

Johnathan Weiner (Viner)

Viner's paitings often depict these bizarre
stories. I'm oddly attracted to his pale
characters that appear cold with red
noses and cheeks. My friend Baxter
purchased the painting entitled "Eye for an Eye".
Check out more of Viner's work at:


Man Baby has an amazing cartoon style. His
project of "Robot the Robot" is extremely
entertaining. Check it out at:

James Jean

James Jean one of the best illustrators out there
today. He has such a creative and unique eye. It's
never just straight on. It's usually unexpected,
and it's always attractive.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Ok. As shameless as this might be, I'm
posting my own illustrations. These are
from a series of illustrations I created
keeping the photographic elements to make
it very life-like while taking it away from
reality with an illustrative comic-book-esq.
enjoy more at:

Baxter Orr

Baxter Orr has been a friend of mine for about
6 years. He has been an inspiration since
the day we met. He has a clean modern
vector style that is iconic and powerful.
Baxter will have signed and numbered
prints of his illustrations on his site hopefully
this month. Check them out and purchase
a couple!

Quick Honey

Quick Honey is one of my biggest inspirations
for vector illustration. His portrait work has
been in many different music and entertainment
publications. He also does these really blown
up pixel illustrations of people and little
microcosms. I feel a sense of deadness in his
work that is intriguing. It's almost ugly but
in a cool way. Ha. Decide for yourself:

(*not for the timid or faint of heart)

Julian Opie

Julian Opie has an incredible talent of simplifying
and iconifying images. Taking something detailed
and breaking it down to its most simple form. He
recently had a city-wide exhibit in my home-city
of Indianapolis. It was so amazing to be around
downtowna and suddenly see a giant installation
of his work. Many people I think were confused by it.
It's so rudimentary that people mistook the motion
girls signs as being actual traffic directors. I love
seeing art in everyday images such as these.

Doom Drips

Aesthetic Apparrel Has some amazing graphic
design work and a series of art prints themed with
"Doom Drips"
Check it out:

Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell
Fine art meets Comic Books meets retro cartooons.
Not to metion the best threadless shirt ever designed:
"nothing rhymes with orange"

Mark Ryden

Mark Ryden's work has a kickback to our
childhood books. A nostalgic look again with
the juxtaposistion I love so much between
the cute and cuddly with the bizzare and
sometimes violent imagery.